Our Vision

By 2020, an independent and internationally recognized Regulatory Office that protects, promotes, and fulfills the rights of consuming public to safe, adequate, affordable, and reliable water supply and to environment-friendly sewerage system.

Our Mission

For Metro Manila and its adjacent towns, the MWSS Regulatory Office, through effective regulatory mechanism, is committed to:

•Monitor compliance of the Concessionaires with contractual obligations;
•Monitor performance of the Concessionaires in providing adequate access to clean, potable, and affordable water;
•Monitor and enforce standards of service pertaining to the Concessionaires’ delivery of water supply, water quality, and sewerage sanitation services, as well as ensure that such services fully cover their respective areas of operation; and
•Ensure prudence and efficiency in the implementation of the Concessionaires’ Business Plans, and in doing so, deliver affordable tariffs that will support the long-term water security program and environment-friendly sewerage system for all covered areas.
Core Values

Patriotism: “We love our country; We serve to promote its common good.”

Integrity and Professionalism: “We work with honor and excellence.”

Participatory Governance: “We value the collective ideas of everyone.”

Transparency and Accountability: “We provide timely and accurate reports to our stakeholders.”