We are requesting feedback in order to improve the MWSS RO’s website and service to our customers. Please select a rating for each item.

    5 [96-100] Highest
    4 [91-95]
    3 [86-90]
    2 [81-85
    1 [75-80] Lowest

    1. The website color scheme is visually appealing.

    2. The font size and spacing make the text easy to read.

    3. The layout looks balanced and well-thought of.

    4. It is easy to find specific information in the website.

    5. The website contents are well organized.

    6. The links in the website are working.

    7. The content of the website is up to date.

    8. The information in the website is reasonably complete.

    9. The website text are clear and well-written.

    10. The information provided by the website are very useful.

    11. The website can answer most basic questions about the MWSS Regulatory Office (Staff, Operations, Activities, etc.).

    12. Most users will find answers to their questions in the site.

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