Annex A – BAC Advisory on Conduct of Procurement Activities

Annex B – Interim Quarantine and Social Distancing Protocols

Procurement of Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Acoustic Curtains (Contract No. RO-PG2022-003)

Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Customer Satisfaction Survey (Contract No. RO-CSS2022-001)

Procurement of services of People’s Organization for 2022 Tree Planting activities of MWSS-RO

Commission of a Painter to Produce Three (3) Pieces Oil on Canvas Portrait Paintings of Former and Present Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) Regulatory Office (RO) Chief Regulators

Procurement of 2022 Public Consultation Drive Collaterals

Subscription to Compensation Survey

Procurement of Analytical Services for Water Quality Monitoring Program (Contract No. RO-PG2022-001)

Procurement of Analytical Services for Wastewater Quality Monitoring Program (Contract No. RO-PG2022-002)