The MWSS Regulatory Office (RO) was created in August 1997 by virtue of the Concession Agreements signed between the MWSS and the two concessionaires, Manila Water Company, Inc. for the East Zone and Maynilad Water Services, Inc. for the West Zone.

Regulatory Office functions as a collegial body composed of five members headed by the Director or Chief Regulator who has over-all responsibility for the operation of the office. Other members are the Regulators for Technical Regulation, Customer Service Regulation, Financial Regulation and Administration and Legal Affairs.

Any action or decision by the Regulatory Office on substantive matters affecting the Concession Agreement requires at least a majority vote of three members. The Chief Regulator chairs the meeting of the Regulatory Office and has the final approval over the hiring and dismissal of all professional staff of the Regulatory Office. He also acts as the principal spokesperson of the office.

Regulatory Office is mandated to monitor the Concession Agreement. Among its many functions, RO reviews, monitor and enforces rates and service standards; arranges and reports regular independent audits of the performance of the Concessionaires; and monitors the infrastructure assets. However, RO’s functions may change over time for effective regulation of water and sewerage services.