The Administration and Legal Affairs Area handles the logistics, legal and business transactions of the office.
The area’s two departments are the Administration and Legal Affairs.
It is the Administration Department facilitates the maintenance, acquisition/ procurement of goods/supplies/materials and services pertinent in the operation and see to it that they are in accordance with the budget allocation. It takes care of the continuous processing of payrolls/vouchers, maintains books of accounts, and other financial reports for top management review to ensure compliance with the RO’s sound financial investment of its funds.
The Legal Department monitors the compliance of the Concessionaires with their obligations under the Concession Agreement (CA). It attends to all disagreements, disputes, controversies or claims arising out of the CA as well as the proper interpretation thereof. It represents and prosecutes or depends proceedings before the Appeals Panel. It prepares contracts and renders legal opinions on matter referred to it affecting not only the agency but the Concessionaires as well.