An organization’s operational efficiency can only be achieved through strategic planning, constant monitoring, and objective assessment of its resources and activities. This is why the MWSS RO’s Administration and Legal Affairs (ALA) Area plays a crucial role in the realization of the agency’s goals.

The ALA provides general administrative and legal support to the agency’s different Regulation Areas, through its Administration and Legal Departments, respectively. Specifically, the Administration Department (AD) manages the MWSS RO’s human and financial resources, while the Legal Affairs Department (LAD) provides legal advisory services on matters involving the interpretations of the provisions of the Concession Agreements (CAs) and acts on other legal matters referred by the different Regulation Areas.

The AD facilitates the maintenance, acquisition, and procurement of goods, supplies, materials, and services pertinent to the operations of the agency, and sees to it that they are in accordance with the budget allocation. It is also responsible for the continuous processing of payrolls and vouchers, and maintaining books of accounts and other financial reports for top management review to ensure compliance.

The LAD represents and prosecutes or defends during proceedings before the Appeals Panel. It prepares contracts and renders legal opinions on matters referred to it, which affect not only the agency but the Concessionaires as well. It  also assists the various Regulation Areas by providing legal services in the form of representation, advisories, opinions, preparation of memorandum of agreement (MOA), investigation and resolution of internal discipline matters, inter-agency consultations, as well as preparation of required documentary inputs. Lastly, it monitors the compliance of the Concessionaires with their obligations under the CA; and attends to all disagreements, disputes, controversies, or claims arising out of the CA, as well as the proper interpretation thereof.