Patrick Lester N. Ty
Chief Regulator, MWSS Regulatory Office

 Evelyn B. Agustin
Deputy Administrator for Technical Regulation

Lee Robert M. Britanico
Deputy Administrator for Customer Service Regulation

Claudine B. Orocio-Isorena
Deputy Administrator for Administration and Legal Affairs

Christopher D. Chuegan
Acting Deputy Administrator for Financial Regulation


Office of the Chief Regulator

Joan Michelle S. Antonio
Department Manager A, Public Information

Administration and Legal Affairs Area

Crescenciano B. Minas Jr.
Department Manager A, Legal Affairs

Ramon A. Javier
Department Manager A, Administration

Technical Regulation Area

Joel A. Dominguez
Department Manager A, Operations Monitoring

Maricris T. Laciste
Department Manager A, Water Quality Control

Customer Service Regulation Area

Rosendo O. Alegre
Department Manager A, Complaints Services Monitoring

Francis Ayapana
Department Manager A, Metering Efficiency

Financial Regulation Area

Joriel Dagsa
Department Manager A, Financial Audit and Asset Monitoring

Mark Billy Antonio
Acting Department Manager A, Tariff Control And Monitoring