The Technical Regulation Area is responsible for monitoring the obligation of the two Concessionaires to provide the public with safe, potable and continuous supply of water.
There are two departments under this area: The Operations Monitoring Department (OMD) and the Water Quality Control Department (WQCD)
The OMD conducts on-site monitoring of the Concessionaires’ ongoing projects with emphasis on safety pr
ecautions, traffic enforcement control and method of construction undertaken by the contractors.
It evaluates the necessity and cost efficiency of projects proposed by the Concessionaires and monitors implementation changes for their effect on total cost of the project. Data will be used in the rate rebasing activities.
The WQCD ensures that the quality of water delivered by the Concessionaires to the customers meet the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. It also monitors the waste water effluent quality to ensure compliance with the DENR Standards.