The Technical Regulation Area (TRA) is in charge of ensuring supply continuity, monitoring Angat Dam, evaluating Capital Expenditures (CAPEX), and monitoring water and wastewater quality. Its duties ensure that the Concessionaires are meeting their Service Obligation targets as stated in the Concession Agreement (CA) to provide the public with safe, potable, and continuous supply of water.

Under the TRA are two departments: Operation Monitoring Department (OMD) and Water Quality Control Department (WQCD).

The OMD monitors the Concessionaires’ capital and maintenance works and projects to ensure compliance with their Service Obligations. It monitors asset management, water availability and pressure, among others. Furthermore, in coordination with the Financial Regulation Area (FRA) and with the aid of a third-party independent consultant, it audits and assesses the necessity, prudency and cost efficiency of projects undertaken by the Concessionaires.

The WQCD monitors the Concessionaires’ compliance to the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) published by the Department of Health (DOH). It also monitors the Concessionaires’ compliance with all national and local environmental laws and standards relating to treated wastewater in the Service Area.