The MWSS Regulatory Office (RO) was created in August 1997 by virtue of the Concession Agreements signed between the MWSS and the two concessionaires, Manila Water Company, Inc. for the West Zone and Maynilad Water Services, Inc. for the East Zone.

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Our Vision

MWSS is the prime mover and guardian of water security providing adequate, safe, reliable and affordable water and sewerage services to Metro Manila and its existing and future coverage areas, while ensuring the sustainability of its water resources and the intelligent and right use of water.

Our Mission

For Metro Manila and its adjacent towns, the MWSS Regulatory Office, through effective regulatory mechanism, is committed to:

  • Monitor compliance of the Concessionaires with contractual obligations and ensure prudent and efficient spending in respect of the development of water infrastructure;
  • Monitor performance of the Concessionaires in providing equitable access to clean, potable and affordable water;
  • Monitor and enforce standards of service pertaining to the Concessionaires’ delivery of water supply, water quality, and sewerage and sanitation services, as well as ensure that such services fully cover their respective areas of operation; and
  • Ensure prudence and efficiency in the implementation of the Concessionaires’ Business Plans, and in doing so, deliver affordable water tariffs that will support the long term water security program for Metro Manila and all covered areas