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The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office (MWSS-RO) conducted aPublic Information Drive for the North Business District of Maynilad last 15 September 2015 at the second floor of The Buffet at 41 Commonwealth Avenue, Holy Spirit, Quezon City.  It was the second in a series of public information programs to be held this year. The Public Information Drive focused on the 2013 Implementing Rules and Regulations.

In her Opening Remarks, new Deputy Administrator Ma. Genaline R. Valera of MWSS-RO’s Customer Service Regulation Area welcomed all the participants and encouraged them to raise their concerns and even share their success stories and best practices in relation to water services in the concession area.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations discussed in the Public Information Drive were IRR No. 2013-01: “Revised IRR on the Disconnection and Reconnection of Water Service Connection” and IRR No. 2013-06: “IRR on Additional Meter and Transfer of Connection Tapping Point,” both presented by Rosendo Alegre, MWSS-RO’s Manager of Complaint Services Monitoring Department.  The other one was IRR No. 2013-02: “IRR on Rate Classification and Billing Scheme of Small-Scale (Home-Based) Businesses” presented by MWSS-RO’s Manager Randy Marcial of Metering Efficiency Department.

Maynilad North Business District presentation was given by the head of Fairview-Commonwealth Business Area, Atty. Roel Espiritu.

The North Business District is one of the four business districts of Maynilad’s concession area in the northern part that is directly responsible in the distribution of treated water from secondary and/tertiary lines to customers.

The business district is composed of the Fairview-Commonwealth Business Area, North Caloocan Business Area, and Novaliches-Valenzuela Business Area. Barangay heads from the North Business District also participated in the event.Photo Public Info Drive09-15-2015