The MWSS RO understands the situation and empathizes with all who are affected by the shortage. We are working directly with Manila Water to solve these issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With all that has been happening around regarding this situation, let us always be mindful of the information we receive and share from sources online, or on social media. We must first get complete information from credible sources or authorities. As much as possible, we should always be wisely advised and well-informed on matters pertaining to issues that involve the welfare of the people, so as to avoid misleading information. We have already identified several short-term solutions and we are working on them. The Cardona plant will be energized within the month, we are tapping several deep wells in consultation with the National Water Resources Board, and we have
secured the commitment from Maynilad to share 50 MLD to Manila Water. This is going to be done through cross-border sharing. This is relevant to what is circulating around social media right now. For the record, the bypass is open. This is where Manila Water gets its 1,600 MLD supply. If it is closed, Manila Water would not have water at all. Angat Dam supplies Metro Manila 4,000 million liters of water per day. For emphasis, the Concession Agreements give Manila Water an allocation of 1,600 MLD and Maynilad 2,400 MLD. That is a total of 4,000 MLD, divided into 40% and 60%, which is based on the actual amount that Angat can give with the existing infrastructure. Manila Water is getting its allocation of 1,600 MLD but its requirement is at 1,750 MLD. In the previous months, it has been sourcing its deficit water from La Mesa Dam but due to the lack of rains, La Mesa Dam was depleted. We hope for the understanding of the public. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to alleviate the problem and to ensure that this will never happen again.