The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System – Regulatory Office (MWSS RO) will be implementing bill rebates for Manila Water customers beginning June 2019, reflective of their May consumption. This is a result of the penalty that the MWSS Board of Trustees imposed to Manila Water under Section 10.4 of the Concession Agreement, for their inability to meet its service obligation of providing 24/7 water supply to all their consumers. The Php 1.13 B penalty consists of Php 534 M as rebate to customers and Php 600 M appropriated for New Water Source Development. All active accounts as of March 31, 2019 under Manila Water will enjoy this rebate. Of all these accounts, we further identified those that were severely affected and they will enjoy a Php 2,197.94 rebate each. This is on top of the rebate for the first 10 cu.m. consumption that will be received by all customers. The over 140,000 accounts to receive the Php 2,197.94 rebate were identified based on the list of 45 barangays released by Manila Water when the concessionaire offered a one-time bill waiver program last April. Sample computations of these rebates may be viewed in the MWSS-RO’s website soon. Water availability in Metro Manila’s East Zone spiraled downwards to 71% in March 7 when massive service interruptions were experienced by customers following operational adjustments implemented by Manila Water to protect the level of La Mesa Dam, which has already hit its critical level of 69 meters on March 6, 2019. To all our consumers, and to the general public, again we hope for your full understanding throughout this crisis. We are still working closely with Manila Water, and we are doing everything we can to resume uninterrupted services to each household that has been affected.