The MWSS Regulatory Office launched its campaign to promote social responsibility: a call for individual involvement in saving the environment.

The logo of the campaign is a fingerprint in the shape of a water droplet. Underneath the image is the word “Save” and the hashtag #putyourmark.

The fingerprint of every individual is unique. This represents the call for personal involvement of everyone. Thus, the hashtag of the campaign: #putyourmark.

A droplet signifies that there is no small effort in the preservation of the environment.

The launching of the campaign logo sets the tone of the year-long drive to increase awareness in protecting the environment.

At the launch of the campaign, the logo is incorporated in the business cards of every employee of the MWSS Regulatory Office. Dr. Joel C. Yu, Chief Regulator, said, “Every employee of the Regulatory Office is an ambassador in the campaign to preserve the environment.”