PM 01-01 Table of Contents 

PM 01-02 Objectives of the Process Manual

PM 01-03 Authorization and Updating Responsibilities

PM 01-04 Distribution of the Process Manual

PM 01-05 Coding System

PM 02-01 Annual Planning and Budget

PM 02-02 Planning and Budgeting

PM 02-03 Management Review

PM 02-04 Control of Documents Procedure

PM 02-05 Control of Records  Procedure

PM 02-06 Handling Stakeholder Complaint

PM 02-07 Internal Communication Procedure Format

PM 02-08 Public Info Drive Procedure

PM 03-01 Recruitment, Selection & Placement Procedure

PM 03-02 Training and Development Procedures

PM 03-03 Employee Performance  Management Procedure

PM 03-04 Cash Disbursement Procedure

PM 03-05 Fiscal Reporting Procedure

PM 03-06 Website Development and Maintenance

PM 03-07 Procurement

PM 03-08 Infrastructure Maintenance – Preventive FEVIT

PM 03-09 Infrastructure Maintenance – Corrective FEVIT

PM 04-01 Gathering and Review Service Requirements

PM 04-02 TRA -SO Monitoring Water Quality

PM 04-03 TRA-SO Monitoring Wastewater

PM 04-04 TRA SO Monitoring Operations

PM 04-05 TRA SO Monitoring Audits

PM 04-06 CSR SO Monitoring and Evaluation

PM 04-07 CSR Customer Complaint Management

PM 04-08 FRA  Foreign Currency Differential Adjustments (FCDA)

PM 04-09 FRA ASR Calculation

PM 04-10 FRA KPI-BEMs Monitoring

PM 04-11 Legal Service Management

PM 05-01 Internal Audit

PM 05-02 Customer Satisfaction Measurement

PM 05-03 Handling of Non-Conforming Services

PM 05-04 Corrective Action Procedure

PM 05-05 Preventive Action Procedure