The Customer Service Regulation Area (CSRA) is responsible for monitoring customer satisfaction with the performance of the Concessionaires. It has two departments: Complaints Services Monitoring Department (CSMD) and Metering Efficiency Department (MED).

The CSMD recommends policies, rules and regulations for the improvement of the Concessionaires’ customer service; develops standards; and evaluates the performance of each Concessionaire’s customer service efficiency. It is responsible for instituting a smooth feedback system, and ensuring efficient monitoring and swift resolution of the complaints of customers and interested groups. It monitors compliance of the Concessionaires with the Service Obligations on water supply, sewerage and sanitation coverage targets, provisions of alternative water supply and other customer service standards.

The MED formulates and recommends policies, rules, and regulations for the improvement of service to the customer in metering, billing, and water and sewerage service connections. It develops standards and evaluates the performance of the Concessionaires’ customer service efficiency in metering, billing and service connections. It also monitors the Concessionaires’ metering programs and ensures compliance with acceptable technical standards.