On 08 December 2021, the MWSS Regulatory Office (RO) participated in the “Water Emergency @ IL” – an online event that focused on the solutions for water crises and emergencies, and hosted by the Export Institute and The Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry.

MWSS RO Chief Regulator Atty. Patrick Lester N. Ty – together with industry experts from across the globe, took part in a simulation of water crisis situations that enabled organizations to identify risks and threats, as well as develop processes, practices, and solutions.

During the event, Chief Regulator Ty stressed the importance of effective communication, coordination, and cooperation among stakeholders in addressing and mitigating the impact of water crises and emergencies.

The MWSS RO upholds its core values of transparency and accountability in public service by providing timely and accurate information on water, sewerage, and sanitation within the Concession Areas to its stakeholders.

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