On 01 June 2022, the MWSS Regulatory Office (RO), represented by Deputy Administrator (DA) for Administration and Legal Affairs Atty. Claudine B. Orocio-Isorena, joined the inauguration of the fifth batch of schools in the #SafeWASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in Schools project of Manila Water Foundation and P&G Safeguard Philippines. The event was held at the Sampalukan Elementary School in Caloocan City.

The inauguration of the Sampalukan Elementary School served as a milestone turnover for the 32 schools in the West Zone Concession, which is being serviced by Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

During the panel conversation, DA Orocio-Isorena highlighted the importance of synergy among the MWSS RO, the two Concessionaires, the Local Government Units (LGU), and other development partners. She emphasized that it is only through the support and cooperation of our stakeholders that we are able to achieve our water, sewerage, and sanitation targets for the benefit of the customers.

The MWSS RO commends the efforts of Manila Water Foundation and P&G Safeguard Philippines in providing safe drinking water, improving access to clean, gender-friendly, and inclusive sanitation facilities, and promoting proper health and hygiene practices in our schools.

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