We can’t ignore these facts:
✅Water is a scarce, yet valuable life-sustaining resource
✅Water security promotes women empowerment and gender equality

Join the MWSS Regulatory Office (RO) and the National Federation of Women’s Clubs of the Philippines (NFWCP: https://www.facebook.com/nationalfederationof.womensclub) in next week’s webinar, “Too Big To Ignore.” 💧

MWSS RO Deputy Administrator for Administration and Legal Affairs Atty. Claudine B. Orocio-Isorena will explore the impact of water scarcity on women and the gender-responsive approach to water security, while MWSS RO Deputy Administrator for Customer Service Regulation Mr. Lee Robert M. Britanico will discuss MWSS RO’s efforts to ensure clean, affordable, and sustainable water supply for everyone.

MWSS Trustee and NFWCP Family Welfare Committee Chairperson Atty. Melanie Sia-Lambino will serve as event moderator.

Interested participants may register through this link: https://bit.ly/TOOBIG2021