The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office (MWSS-RO) speed-up the application of regulatory reforms to balance the interest of stakeholders and to protect the consuming public from high prices and poor services

 “We are embracing and accelerating extraordinary process of workplace reform to intensify absolute quality service to ensure that stakeholders continue to enjoy highest service standards,” Chief Regulator Joel Yu said.

 The Chief Regulator added that MWSS-RO remains committed to its mandate in bearing excellent service, innovative workforce and comprehensive regulatory framework to sustain the gains of the MWSS privatization in 1997.

 “We are moving into an environment where demand is changing and we are scrutinizing clear path on how we can confront the challenges, meet customers’ changing demands and improve policies and guidelines to protect the consumers,” Yu explained.

 He disclosed that MWSS-RO is pushing for better reforms on its regulatory scheme to sustain a total organizational commitment to greater customer satisfaction, likewise creating an optimal high-performance environment to uphold the right and welfare of the Filipino consumers.

“Our commitment is reflected in everything we do. To keep our commitment burning,  we are spurring regulatory reforms as we shift into high gear for greater effectiveness in preparation for the next rate rebasing,” Yu said.

 “We have a clear vision of public service for stakeholders in the next succeeding years and our focus now is on bringing the best service standards as we recognize that customer needs are changing,” the Chief Regulator continued.

The MWSS-RO, as an integral part of the national government, commits itself to accountability and transparency in the performance of its mandate pursuant to the Code of Corporate Governance for Governance Commission for Government Owned and Controlled Corporation adopted per GCG memorandum Circular No. 2012-0 to ensure an uninterrupted and adequate supply and distribution of potable water for domestic and other purposes at just and equitable rates.